Quality standards

Always delivered to the same high quality standard.


Live support

We offer 24/7 customer live support until the end of transport.


Time management

We strive to meeet all transport deadlines we set to our clients.

Transportation ! ! !

The final decision to move to another house or neighborhood adjacent to another area or even in another city was taken. Following the decision but we all understand the work needed and the hours must consume to do this.

So we need to pack our things in such a way as not to suffer the slightest and can also find a way to move to our new space. This can be done either with the help of friends or family but also with the help of a company that undertakes this work for you.

The Group Transport is willing to offer a range of services including:

  • Ferries in Greece
  • Daily service to Athens
  • Transport Removals to Cyprus every Friday
  • Transfer to Crete every 15 days
  • Transfer to Xanthi - Didymoteicho 1 time per Week
  • Transport Removals to Corfu - Crete - Naxos - Paros - Mykonos - Tinos - Skyros
  • Foreign Service
  • Transport Removals to Germany every 15 days
  • Transport Removals to England every 10 days
  • Transport Removals to Sweden every 15 days
  • Transport Removals to Russia every 30 days except occasional service


Special service for our students, where is away from home, have a helping hand from our carrier. We collect and deliver personal products (clothes, books, computers, electronics, furniture, etc.) and even dried food and olive popular items for shipment. Our promise is Unbeatable prices - top quality services.

Departure of transportations

Client testimonials

    • "worked wonders for our business..."
    • The works they did for us was absolutely fantastic. They really worked wonders for our business.
    • "worked wonders for our house..."
    • The works they did for us was absolutely perfect. They really worked wonders for our house and family.